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Blue Sky Fitness & Recreation 2019 Vacation Schedule
Blue Sky Fitness & Recreation vacation trips are active, four day three night or five day four night trips. The trip locations are unique and include some of the most beautiful environments in the world. Blue Sky Fitness & Recreation trips can be physically demanding. Most of the trips include at least one day of hiking. Those individuals who enjoy physical activity are encouraged to participate.
Cost for each trip includes all food, lodging, transportation, park fees, boating fees and staffing. Respite hours can be used to pay for the trips; however, respite hours do not cover the entire cost of the trip. Therefore, those using respite hours will need to pay an additional amount to cover the cost of the trip. Please contact Chris Rooney at 520 247-8160 for more information or to reserve your place. Reservations can also be made via email at
Blue Sky Fitness & Recreation is an Arizona DES/DDD Qualified Vendor.

January 25 - 28 or February 22 - 25, 2019
Dana Point, California

Join us on either of these two trips to sunny California to watch the grey whale migration. The whales will be traveling south from the cold waters of Alaska to the warm waters off the coast of Mexico. The grey whales pass through the Dana Point, California area and we can watch them up close and personal aboard the Dana Pride, a whale watch vessel departing out of the Dana Point Wharf. The Dana Pride is a large commercial whale watch boat with plenty of room to see the whales and other sea life such as dolphins, sea lions, seals etc… Other activities on this trip include beach hikes, tide pool exploration and a visit to the glider port where we can watch the hang gliders take off from the cliffs high above the Pacific Ocean.
Cost: $775.00

April 5 - 9, 2019
Laughlin, Nevada

This is a great time of year to visit Laughlin which rests on the banks of the mighty Colorado River. Our activities on this trip will span three states. We will hike the Kelso Sand Dunes in the Mohave National Preserve located in California. Our fishing activity will take place on Lake Mohave in Nevada and we will be rock hounding near the historic Oatman, an authentic western ghost town and mining camp located in the Black Mountains of Mohave County Arizona. Gambling is legal in the state of Nevada, so we will spare some time for the slot machines in one of the many casinos that line the banks of the Colorado River.
Cost $875.00

May 17 - 21, 2019
Page, Arizona

Page, Arizona is a small town in northern Arizona located on the southern shores of magnificent Lake Powell. This is one of the most scenic locations in the world with towering red, pink and orange sandstone cliffs, water carved slot canyons and the deep blue shorelines of Lake Powell. This trip will include fishing on Lake Powell as well as hiking in one of the magnificent sandstone canyons leading into the beautiful Vermillion Cliffs which border Utah and Arizona. There are many interesting sites to see in the area such as the Horseshoe Canyon and the Toadstools, a park in Utah with many hoodoos in the shape of toadstools. There is also the Powell museum which chronicles the life of adventurer John Wesley Powell who rode the rapids of the Colorado River into the Grand Canyon.
Cost $875.00

July 12 - 16, 2019
Ruidoso, New Mexico

Time to escape the Tucson heat as we head to Ruidoso, New Mexico, the premier year-round playground in the Sacramento Mountains. This trip will include hiking on one of many trails in the Sacramento mountains, fishing at Grindstone Lake and we will enjoy the horse races at Ruidoso Downs. Sites such as the Valley of Fire Recreational Area, Billy the Kid museum and the Smokey the Bear Museum are all within a short drive from Ruidoso.
Cost $875.00

August 23 - 26, 2019
Flagstaff, Arizona

A short drive to Flagstaff is all it takes to get out of the extreme heat of the desert. At an altitude of 7000 ft, Flagstaff has ample outdoor recreational activities. Our hiking day will be on trails in the Coconino Forest filled with towering ponderosa pines. Many small lakes and reservoirs are in the Flagstaff area, so we will have a choice of fishing sites. This will be a cool mountain getaway, a great break from the August Tucson heat.
Cost $775.00

September 27 - October 1, 2019
Julian, California

Julian is one hour east of San Diego in the heart of the Cuyamaca Mountains. We should be able to experience some beginning fall colors in and around the historic town of Julian. We will spend time fishing in Cuyamaca Lake and hiking on one of many trails in the Cuyamaca Mountains. Julian’s beginnings are rooted in the gold rush of 1870. Julian’s historic downtown offers great site seeing opportunities and museums. Julian is also famous for its apple orchards and apple pies. We will indulge!
Cost $875.00

November 15 - 18, 2019
Roswell, New Mexico

Do you believe in aliens? What really happened on that warm July night in 1947. We will attempt to get to the bottom of the Area 51 controversy when an alien spaceship allegedly crashed in the Roswell area. There is a fantastic museum in historic downtown Roswell that provides volumes of information about the incident. We will also visit Carlsbad Caverns, one of the oldest and most famous cave systems in the world. Fishing is also on the agenda with Bitter Lake a short 8 miles away.
Cost $775.00